Sunday, January 25, 2015


Well .. it has been a long while ... a long while. But I am back ... with a purpose ... practicing being still. I have joined Kim Klassen's Be Still 52 class. It was my gift to myself this year.

Quiet with a purpose ... creating within stillness ... Selah.

This is my image for week 1.


It is one that speaks of my place of rest ... my provider of peace .. and patience. My piano is a place of refuge for me. A place to breath ... to create ... to feel. Upon its keys my frustrations fade ... the business of my day falls away .. and I simply just am. It provides the backdrop for my first image. The rocks are actually tiny pebbles from a beach in Italy. They are so very smooth ... polished by the never ending tumbling of the seas pounding embrace. They feel differently than any stone I have ever touched here. They bring me to the beach again when I let them fall into my palm. I built an Ebenezer with them tonight. It took a while ... they are small ... they are roundish ... they are slippery. That is where the patience comes in. Life is like that ... a balancing act ... sometimes it takes more than one attempt to make things balanced ... it takes effort ... it takes time ... it takes dedication ... and determination. This little stack of pebbles reminds me that my God is faithful ... He is also my rest ... my soft landing spot ... my peace. He can be found best in the quiet ... in the Selah ... in the breathing of stillness. I am so very excited about what I am to learn in this journey of Being Still.