Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Wishes

With this Christmas season upon us, I found myself pondering this night Christ was born. What was it like? I could imagine the whole Earth holding its breath in quiet anticipation as Mary went through the process of giving birth, the angels waiting with baited breath as the miraculous moment drew near. I found myself humbled at the splendor of it all and penned the following words.

Christmas Wishes

This season of
Christmas with it brings
A time for presents
And glittery things
Shopping carts
And endless lines
Paper and ribbon
treats divine
Holiday visits
And family time
All in all
Wonderful things
But is that really
What Christmas means?

For long ago
It all began
With the virgin birth
Of God in man
When the Holy of Holies
Sent to die
Was born in a manger
And gave His first cry
which rang through the darkness
And circled the world
As angels heralded
The birth of God’s Word
The hope of all nations
Of redemption found
All of Heaven did in
Holy adoration resound

I sit here tonight
Contemplating this all
Reconciliation born
in a cold, lonely stall
the night
to end darkness
The life to end death
That began the minute
He drew His first breath
And I am left speechless
The words will not come
So, I sit humbled
by thoughts of the One
Born in a manger
On that night long ago
And of our Father
Who loved us so
That He sent to Earth
His only Son
So the cost of our sin
Might be undone.

So, come let us worship
In this Holiest of times,
Let us honor
Our Savior
Salvation divine
With reckless abandon
And hearts open wide
To the will of the One
Who in us resides
Let us eagerly seek
to understand
the indescribable gift
Of God
made man.

May your Christmas be one of Christ filled joy,