Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How I Will be Remembered ...

Of all the traits that my youngest daughter has inherited from me, my propensity for procrastination is one that I am most challenged by.  The only thing that is worse than one procrastinator .. is two procrastinators.  I cannot count on my hands the number of times that she has procrastinated about telling me some deadline for school ... which leaves me with less time than I need to follow through and help her complete the pending assignment or task ... because the truth is that I need time to procrastinate as well.  Between the two of us, we end up in facing deadlines frustrated and grumpy.

The most recent example of this phenomenon was in regards to her 5th Grade Explorer Report.  We were actually doing so well ... extraordinarily well, in fact.  Her report was done, EARLY! .. her note cards packed away in her backpack .. BEFORE the due date  ... and her Power Point was less than ten clicks from done!  We were enjoying a delicious meal with my mom (who just finished her readiation ... praise the Lord!) when Jillian reminded me that she really wanted to wear a costume during her presentation.  Now, to her credit, I did know this weeks ago .. but I refer you back to the fact that I am a procrastinator.  Mt first spoken response was, "Sweetie, your presentation is in two days.  Mommy, just worked 10 hours, and I really am not sure that I can get it done.  Nobody else has worn a costume .. it'll be fine."  Her response ... a simple, understanding, sweet one ... "It's o.k., Mommy." Said with such understanding and tenderness, that I knew right away that I was destined to pick up my keys, say my good nights, and go out to find something that I could make into an outfit fit for my little Sacajawea."  Which, is exactly what I did ... with a happy, giving countenance.  I did not begrudge her, huff nor puff ... no, I smiled and told her that I would go out and see just what I could do.  She wrapped her arms around me and said, "You are the BEST Mommy in the whole world."

Driving from store to the other (there were only two needed) ... it hit me that this is one of the times that I will be remembered for in her heart.  Long after I am taken home, my youngest will speak of the time that her mommy smiled and tackled the stores to find the perfect costume for her ... even though I was tired.  In that moment, a simple truth hit home ... we will be remembered by those that we come in contact with here in this life ... we have no choice about that.  What we do have a choice about is the way that we will be remembered.  We need to be intentional in the things we do, the way we give of our time, talents, and treasures,  the way we serve others  ... and we need to choose to do all of it with a cheerful heart.  That is really the only part that we have control over ... but, either way, we will be remembered.

Oh, if you are wondering about the costume ... Ross had the perfect brown tunic in the Teen's dress section, and Walmart had all the needed trimmings to make this costume:

The supplies that I found with NO TROUBLE at all!  

The finished costume .. complete with Sacajawea's
prize possession, a turquoise belt. 
(All for under two hour's time and $22)
A happy heart + 2 hours time + $22 =

1 very Happy little girl ...

and a Mommy who is smiling from ear to ear 

because she is ...

"The best mommy in the whole world!"

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